Q&A #34: Who broke Bannister's mile record? When?

On 21 June 1954 only 6 weeks after Roger Bannister ran the world's first sub 4 minute mile, John Landy of Australia beat Bannisters time in a new WR. 3:57.9  

Landy became the second man, after Bannister, to achieve a sub 4 mile. That record stood for more than three years.

Landy is probably best known for his head to head race with Bannister at the 1954 Commonwealth games in,  Vancouver B.C. shortly after he broke Bannister's record 

Billed as the Race of the Century,  On the final turn of the last lap, as Landy looked over his left shoulder,

Bannister passed him on the right.and won the mile race 3:58.8 to Landys 3:59.6. Bannister's best time ever..

This was first time 2 people ran sub 4 in the same race.

3:59.4    Roger Bannister United Kingdom    May 6 1954 Oxford  New WR

3:58.0    John Landy Australia                       June 21 1954 Turku   New WR