Q&A #1

Who was the first American to break 4 minutes in the mile on American soil? 

Well, we guessed wrong. We thought it was Dyrol Burleson on April 23rd, 1960. Although we were wrong, we found out in process that IS the date of the 12th birthday of a renowned citizen of Salem, Oregon. Trivia Question: who is this person? _____

Answer: The correct answer to our Q&A is Don Bowden (see table below). As Steve quotes "It's Stockton, Ca., not Stockholm, Sweden. Damn dislexia."

Also, enjoy the following article on Jim Bailey, the first person to run a sub-4 mile on American soil. 
As a runner for the UO T&F team, he representing his homeland of Australia.

Dyrol Burleson of Cottage Grove, Oregon. 
Also included in this pic: notice Jim Grelle (also a UO grad) in 3rd, Jim Ryan off his back shoulder (4th), and Tom O'Hara from Loyola.